Top Home Based Businesses, Work From Home Opportunity

What Are The Home Based Business Opportunities?

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8 Years Ago On!

Let me share with you our story. And hopefully you learn from it. We were in the same spot you are 8 years ago. We were working to hard, bringing home less and less money through our restaurant business and certainly did not have time for each other.

Claude & VickiDoes this sound familiar to you? You probably are looking for a way to make ends meet or may be more seriously looking for a solution to the stress you face right now from long hours at work, and not enough quality time with family and friends. More on our story!

In 2003, We joined our present company with little or no experience in direct selling. During the last 8 years since 2003, Vicki and I have gained tremendous experience in Network Marketing. It is this experience that we want to share with you today, so that you may cut short the learn curve and fast track your success, moving past mistakes most novice home based business owners make.

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Regards Claude Fullinfaw

TDI (Team Diamonds International).

How we can help You!

We certainly can be of assistance if you are either looking for a legitimate home based opportunity to get started with or struggling in growing your present MLM network? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place. This is how I can help you in your home based business.

We will help you understand 5 business concepts in this paragraph!

First we need to know what we have in our hands. The importance or value we have in our selection of the company we have chosen. But before we do lets see if we fully understand how fair and win win the network marketing industry truly is. I would like you to go watch a video now on YouTube that will fully explain this. Is MLM an ethical business!

Now that you have seen the video explaining why MLM, we need to chose an industry that use network marketing. We must make sure this industry is booming and the Wellness Industry is one to look at today. Again we have a few videos that are worth watching here. Take a look at what Paul Zane Pilzer has to say in Understanding Wellness Industry!

Now to summarize we have covered the first two steps in selecting a home base business.

They are:

  • Is Network marketing a value medium of distribution of products,
  • Which Industry is booming

Here are four additional factors and they are as important:

  • What products do we sell
  • Which company has good solid vision, sound management, financially stable and potential for growth,
  • What is the training and support provided by the company, both online and off line
  • Finally what marketing plan does the company use. is it fair to both the top income earner as well as the new distributor.

Resources Worth Tagging:

Listed below are a few resources that you should either read immediately or copy and paste in a note file and save it in a new folder labelled “Home Based Business Ideas” under My Documents in your computer.

Important websites on homebased Business:

Important Books To Start With:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Trillion Dollar Industry by Paul Zane Pilzner
  • More books to read on the industry and leadership, Click Here

We have sourced out some fantastic information that could literally get you started today Buckle Up For The Ride” because in the space of the next 30 minutes you are going to avail of some of the best information that shows you the difference between genuine Network Marketing Opportunities and Pyramid Scams.

Watch these video

A business to build your future, especially if you are looking for An Unsurpassed INCOME Opportunity.

Home based business opportunities abounds on the internet today and its is very hard to know which one to choose. Today we shall take the opportunity to help you towards that goal of researching the best home based business on the internet so that you can either supplement your income or get rid of your job soon by working from home.

We shall also compare in future reviews the difference between

  • Franchise Opportunity Vs Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing
  • Trading Forex Vs Network marketing

We are all after financial freedom, at least most of us especially with the global downturn of 2008-2011 financial crisis.

What is financial freedom?

It is the space you find yourself in when you have all the money, all the time and all the health to enjoy whatever you want, when ever you want with whomever you want. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Money is so important and is like oxygen to our financial lungs, or bank account. So who is making it and how and where are they making it from. Is there any information on the internet where we can do research and find out more.

Here are some questions we got to ask ourselves are:

  • Who are the people making money these days?
  • How do these people make their money?
  • What are the trends in business today and how to find them, and finally?
  • How can we prepare ourselves so take advantage of financial trends?
  • How to profit from all this?

Is This Your Reality?

As we look around we do see so many people having money yet others say that they are struggling. Is this an illusion or is it true? Do they really own all they have or seem to have, the new cars, the huge house, boats, etc. The truth is people are making lots of money out there.

But how do we get to know how and where to start? Let’s step back and first look at our lives. For most of us we are hard working people who put in the long working hours into our jobs, to earn our money to pay the bills each month. For us, debt is very much part of our core reality. We work in our careers to pay our debts off each week, each month, every year. How sad is that!

Yet it is legitimate to do so and is the way most workers or small business owners are based in their lives.

This is a pure sad fact of life and its here to stay unless something is done fast to stop this back ward spiraling of our financial lives. We see each month that our bills whether it be credit cards or the mortgage rising. Along with that our daily expenses with the interest rates keep rising too. Our wages do not have the ability to keep up with these rising cost each month. The only way we can survive is to borrow more to pay off these debts and get into further debt.

But wait a minute! We all know that the wealthy do have debts of their own yet they seem to survive and survive very well at that. In fact they have much bigger debts that most of us. Imagine property people have millions of dollars of wealth yet they have millions of dollars of debt too yet they don’t struggle. Why?

Here is another reality! Do you know that most business fail in their first year, in fact the statistics are that 90% fail, while the ones that do survive most of them just manage on a small profit that would equal their wages if they did work for an employer. The interesting and sad fact is that most of these poor small business owners actually use their personal home as a security as collateral for a business loan and quite often land up losing all they have if their small business goes bankrupt.

Best Home Business Ideas

So how do we succeed? Whether we have our own home based business or are working for someone in employment, how do we actually get ahead and have disposal income? What are the solutions available?

What are the top home based business opportunity available?

Before starting to review legitimate companies we need to find out more about what’s there to look at in the work from home, network marketing and home based business channels. We certainly have the tools and ideas to do our research and review information today with the internet at our finger tips through Google. I am going to talk about four types of businesses that you could start at home and will go into each one in detail in subsequent posts here.

Various Work From Home Opportunities

Though my choice is Network Marketing, I will endeavor to explain the others briefly here. The start up cost in a network marketing business is very low and in most cases the cost is just about what you would pay for 5 packets of cigarettes this week. That’s a poor example but its just a comparison to make you aware that you can certainly get started in business by the end of the week in network marketing.

The potential to earn money is immediate and the ability to earn as much as you want is also a reality. This makes it worth while for so many people who want to take control of their lives again and realize their dreams.

Video on Network Marketing Tips

Usana Malaysia

Best network marketing companies:

Why Start A Home Based Network Marketing Business? The other draw card is the home based network marketing company you join, in almost all cases, will have training and support to assist you in growing your own business. The people who introduced you into the business will also be available to assist as they have an invested interest in your success.

Work From Home, What Exactly Is A Home Based Business? When you look up home based business on the Internet you will soon find out that there are many variants of home based business. This review will discuss how you can have a home based business while making money outside your home or job.

Work From Home, Internet Home Based Business Guide Launching a new business is a very exciting and sometimes intimidating experience. Fortunately with the Internet it has never been easier. Thousands of regular people are learning to use the internet to create passive residual income.

Work From Home Ideas , Extra Income Working From Home Opportunities Internet Affiliate Marketing is a very popular home based business method that people are getting involved with and generating wealth from. What exactly is affiliate marketing or network marketing?

Network marketing Tips In the online way though, it might take less time, sometimes referring your friends and family will earn you some extra dough. The possibilities to earn cash are endless. All you should do is to gather information have the will to work.

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Understand Everythig About Multi Level Marketing Mlm business or multi level marketing business can be an excellent opportunity for supplemental income. There are some people who have heard about this business but are afraid to join this business. Some people are afraid to start a mlm, the question is if they knew the power of network marketing.

What Is Binary network marketing pay plans

Work from home jobs: Compensation plans

But do you know about the compensation plans? There are some compensation plans for every home based business you do. Let us start to know some of them one by one. The first among them is the binary plan which is the first level and it is described as one of the oldest pay method. And in this way if persons of an organization reach a leadership level then he can break into organizations.

How to in MLM, Binary Pay Plan There are lots of Multilevel or Network Marketing Plans. Now the most popular choice for new MLM companies is the Binary Pay Plan. Why? Because it is popular with Network Marketing distributors.

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